Monday, June 16, 2008

A Party at Fanciful Twist!!!

I'm SO excited! A Fanciful Twist is having a Party... a MAD TEA Party ~ June 28th!!!

I am also thinking of making something to sell and something to give away for the PaRtY as it seems like the perfect reason to make some things to share <3

Stay tuned for more PARTY updates!...

curious ...& curiouser


Pink Paris Match said...

Oh my dear!!!! You're coming to the party!!! Yippppeeeeeee!!!!!!!!

I think you should come over to my house on that day and we can set my two Macs in my studio and post away!!!! ;)



Anonymous said...

Yay! I still have yet to make something but I signed up so I'm comitted:) Do you have an Etsy shop now?

Rebecca Ramsey said...

I will see you at the party!
And do bring your girls! They are pretty as can be!