Saturday, May 31, 2008

It's finished...

The purse I started yesterday (please see post below) is done ~ and it's so So SO cute!!!

up close...

and in the the bedroom (I made all the purses [neutral crocheted bag on the shelf, lunch pail with black flower at the bottom of the shelf, the Hello Kitty purse and the "straw" knitted purse with embroidered flowers], the top hat [paper mache'] and the mattress and bedding in this room)... the floor of this room is made from popsicle sticks that I glued down, sanded the heck out of, whitewashed with watered down acrylic white paint and then painted with a satin clear gloss... the shelf is made from scraps of wood and bits of miniature molding around the top and bottom - also whitewashed. The victorian looking picture frames hanging on the wall are from the local scrapbook store - I just bought stickers from Belle & Boo [] and am going to hang them using these frames! They're going to be adorable!!! <3

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Betsy said...

sister. I'm causing your count to shoot up today, because I just can't seem to leave a comment!

Your purse is so cute... you're so flippin' talented!

so... um... have you ever thought of using your talents on a larger scale, perhaps to make something for your youngest sister? ;)