Sunday, April 6, 2008

my dolls...

I made her a little black t-shirt - I crocheted the edges of the neckline and sleeves... then I made her a pair of flaired pants - and crocheted the hem to match the t-shirt details... and added a crocheted flower to the pant leg... she has white socks on, though you can't really see them, and then I made her a pair of black clogs - I LOVE my black birkenstock clogs - when I was in college my friends called them my "keebler elf shoes"... whatever! they are comfortable!!!

She looks like she's "steppin' out" in this picture...

she's made of polymer clay and her shoes are made from paperclay... her arms, elbows, legs and knees are jointed... I found the tiniest spacer beads at my local bead shop.

and this is the beginning of my next doll <3


Anonymous said...

She came out great!!! How tall is she? Love the comfy shoes:) Look forward to seeing the new doll:)

Pink Paris Match said...

Hey Sweet girl!!!

I love your dollies! Thanks for coming over to play with me last weekend! You are such a true friend!


Sandra Evertson said...

She is Divine!
Sandra Evertson

Pink Paris Match said...

Hey sweet girl! You must come over again and play!

Love ya'