Sunday, April 20, 2008

I miss this girl...

I miss this girl... this is my firstborn, about a year and a half ago with her friend Carl that she met at CSUN while attending college and living in the dorms - she'll be 20 this summer and is now living in Wisconsin with my sister... my daughter is going to be a nanny for a year while she decides what it is she wants to do... the girl is amazing - a talented writer, a gifted artist and an incredible singer... she can do most anything to perfection if she just sets her mind to it - it's the setting her mind part that she struggles with... I gave her an early birthday present and am eagerly awaiting her first song - did I mention she can sing AND write songs?!?!?... I miss this girl.

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Pink Paris Match said...

I can attest to the magnificence of this sweet girl! I miss you Bri!